Welcome Family!

Overall Great Energy

I love the podcast and the topics you discuss, look forward to hearing more, as a fellow podcaster I would love to collaborate! (@blackhippielounge)

Just listen to one

The energy of this show is wonderful. The real, raw discussions that are occurring here on various topics (including; spirituality, love & relationships, maturing/healing, sisterhood and more), are conversations that you should be having in your own life that you may not be able to explore. Once you listen to one conversation, you will want to hear the rest.



100% Real

I love this show. This is an outstanding podcast that keeps it completely real.

The Realness

I really enjoy this podcast! The honest opinions the & the way y’all are so comfortable so I feel like I’m to my homegirls. My ONLY complaint is one of y’all talk so darn fast lol. It sounds like it’s on fast forward. Love & Peace!

It’s the accountability for me

It’s the accountability for me. I’m only halfway through binging the episodes, but this show has already helped me see mistakes I was making in relationships. Keep bringing the heat🔥ladies.

Love from NC

I’ve told these ladies on social media how NEEDED they are! They come from all different walks of life. And it’s so refreshing to hear black, educated woman speak on what really going on in the world, dating, parenting, they touch on everything! ❤️y’all are amazing !

Everyone needs these ladies

I freakin LOVE these women, their wisdom, their vibe, their banter....They get SO REAL and so HONEST in a way that most people don’t, can’t, or won’t. They will teach you through their own experiences how to evaluate and embrace the things in your life you love and you don’t, and how to uncover and heal from the stinky stuff in your past.

More than 5 stars

This podcast is very inspiring, with talks that are relevant to my life, thoughts, and feelings. I look forward to new pods! You women are all different but unite as a woman and I love it. Each episode (which I have to binge listen to some) hit the nail on the head! You each inspire me; self-love.

Enjoyed very much

I found the show on accident from Instagram and listened to the latest episode first. I am in my 20’s and the wisdom and insight very valuable. It’s like listening to a group of big Sisters.Hope you ladies continue to create great content. -Luci

Great show

Great show keep up the good work, it a very insightful podcast, me being a black man, husband, and brother and son, you sisters bring very intelligent points of views on very real subjects, without being to serious, love the show.


Love it so far, hope you ladies will continue to create content and I await the evolution of the show and what you guys will do with it. Maybe consider meetups in the near future, you guys are a blast to listen to.


Ladies please keep using this platform to share your experiences about all of life’s b.s. LOL. This is so needed for black women to have release and connection. I know this show is very very new, but hope that you will stick around long enough to do LIVE or meetup shows and if you do, stop by Baltimore first.


Enjoy hearing the various perspectives of each lady and the comedic take on difficult topics. The only critique I have is sometimes the ladies get excited and over-talk one another. I will continue to listen and support.


It’s the vibe for me ladies. I wasn’t sure how this podcast would play-out because there’s more than three hosts. I am loving it so far. The uncut let your hair down mood. Definitely my new fav, please hang in there and continue to create safe-spaces.

Keep it up!

It’s Shavonne from Self Care After Dark Podcast! Keep these episodes coming! They are so helpful! Thank you ladies!


I am Latina and totally here for this vibe! I love the open, unfiltered, fully raw conversation and women need to feel safe to speak openly about alllll of this. I am here for it and want to be each of your BFF, okay, so much love and congratulations on creating a space like this. Love + Light-Marilyn


Great Intro...I am excited and can’t wait to hear more👏🔥. Okkkay to the BDE & GPE