May 11, 2021

Sis, You're not my competition...

Sis, You're not my competition...

None of that t⚠️xic sh*t ova here baby!

People often ask us how we continue to produce new content with five women, consistently? It’s simple, we aren't in competition with one another. It's arduous to find a group of women on the same frequency to create a community without competitiveness.

We each have talents, shortcomings, and strengths that playoff well with one another. But we believe that is the key; knowing what you bring to the table. 

This structure also works well in business or corporate settings, hell even just being an entry-level employee. Collectively, the five of us have thirty to forty years of small business and side hustle experience. So we understand what it means when people say: teamwork makes the dreamwork. 

Don't misunderstand though friend, we know there will be trials along this new path we have chosen. Creating this podcast from scratch and building community with you is our top priority. We strive to break the stigma that women, excuse me; black women cannot come together in large masses to celebrate each other, gain support, and be honest when you've f*cked up.

As we continue to network, collaborate, and align ourselves with the right people; we know that everyone won't share these same sentiments. But should that stop us or you for that matter? When will women stop viewing one another as competition? A little healthy competition is reasonable, but intentionally creating destruction to reach new heights in careers or businesses; seriously, people still do that?

However long the universe and creator have paved the way for us to be connected, we hope that you will continue to or begin to "rock" with your girls as we learn what you desire from this community and the ways we can help fill that void. 

If you have listened to any of the episodes, then you have probably heard me say: We're here for you baby, lol and we mean that. When you align yourself with people that are also seeking what you seek; high vibrational energy pours out.

So no Sis,
You're not my competition