New Episode: 21: Can modern day women have it all?

New Episode: 21: Can modern day women have it all?


On the latest episode 21, Can modern day women have it all?

Do you feel overwhelmed by your goals and family life? Do you often wonder, can I really have it all? Are you are a crossroads and wondering if you should focus on becoming an entrepreneur or settling down first?

Is it healthy for a mother and wife to spend a ton of time away from home because of work or business? Are demanding entrepreneurial goals really worth it if you have a family? The ladies of BWH answer these questions and so much more, a fire-ass episode you do not want to miss!!! The ladies also discuss whether we're all just making poor decisions and doing things out of order.

Episode 22, BWH-Two Cents:My family and girlfriend don’t get along

The ladies read and respond to a letter from a nephew whose identity we'll keep anonymous. He states in the letter that his girlfriend and family are at odds and can’t seem to get along. Is it possible to maintain a healthy relationship with family while when they don’t get along with your partner?

Tune-In to hear all of the advice for nephew’s situation!!!